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Graceful Nest is a home design blog.

Sometimes the design process starts in the most obvious spot. In this case
it was with "nest". I knew from the outset that I wouldn't be designing an obvious nest, but I wanted to start the process there just to see where it would take me.

The first thing I changed was the perspective. Where one typically encounters a nest from a side view, I wanted to see what it would look like utilizing a top view. The result was a circle, so not very interesting. But what if the circle was the frame of the nest? To do this, I simply reduced the form to a thick band. That was a little more interesting.

The next step was to apply the sticks birds often use to build their nest. Again, I wanted to start from the obvious and work my way from there. Eventually, the sticks became dots. Why dots? Because a nest is also a home, which is the way the client is using the word and a wonderful way to welcome a person to your home is to offer a flute of champagne. The dots became that special, effervescent feeling you get when you feel welcomed, contained and happy.

The final design is informed by my notion of a common nest and warm hospitality.


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