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At the Art is an Australian child-advocacy organization that celebrates Make a Noise Day.

When I first pitched the idea of a design centered around a line drawing of a child screaming the client hated it. They were polite and professional, but they didn't like it. After some time, I heard back from the client and found that they had a change of heart and had warmed up to the idea. We decided to see where the design would go.

The design process from that point had us thinking about font and the shape of the eyes of the drawing. At the end, we decided to go with a font that looks as if a child has written the letters. The eyes also changed to add some character and depth to the face.

When working with non-profits, it is important to create something that can be used in different iterations without losing the integrity of the original design. On slide three you can see one such iteration that can easily be used to print on buttons or t-shirts. The last slide shows the design at work in yet another iteration.

We strongly believe in the work of this organization and very glad we can play a part, if even in a small way.


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