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HPM Clinic is a pain clinic based in Houston, Texas.

circaNEXT designed the logo, website and collateral.

The objective with this project was to communicate health and wellness. Patients of the clinics suffer from different degrees of pain. Since pain is often described as "hot", the colors were chosen for their "cool" quality: blues, white and some gray.

The logo suggests a person lifting his or her arms. The design is reinforced throughout the website with the images chosen to punctuate the narrative.

The website is a study in restrain. While we could design a site with lots of bells and whistles, we placed ourselves in the shoes of the patients and channeled the user experience through their eyes. I'm someone in pain, I want to be able to find information I need quickly and easily. 

The website is a strong and effective tool for the practice. Patients are routinely directed there to gather and execute forms, to collect information and to view videos produced specifically for the practice that are helpful in their recovery.

The HPMClinic project is an ongoing collaborative partnership.



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